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Why should you donate to SJTRI?

Saint Joseph’s Translational Research Institute (SJTRI) strives to discover innovative and potentially life-saving medical treatments. Known as a leader in the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases, orthopedics, cancer, gastroenterology, and diabetes, Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta (SJHA) is committed to translational research through activities at SJTRI. As non-profit entities of Saint Joseph’s Health System, the relationship between SJTRI and SJHA is the ideal partnership for bringing innovative treatment directly from bench to bedside, delivering high impact medical findings to patients as quickly as possible.

Established in 1999, SJTRI has gathered scientists, industry partners, recognized physicians, and a collaborative network of national leaders in the evolving arena of translational research. SJTRI Preclinical Senior Scientists and Staff Specialists include experts in a wide array of specialties including adult stem cell biology, angiogenesis, arrythmogenicity, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiothoracic surgery, clinical cardiology, interventional cardiology, necropsy, pediatric cardiac, pulmonary and thoracic surgery, pharmacology and toxicology, and vascular physiology. Integrating top research scientists, sophisticated research facilities, education, and training, SJTRI is engaged in bold and exciting programs designed to assist in the investigation of cutting edge treatments with potential benefits to patients and the community.

SJTRI’s mission is to translate scientific discoveries into modern therapeutics for the treatment of patients. We believe the true application of translational research can be achieved by integrating research strategy, clinical collaboration, training, and education. With the enthusiasm and efforts of our talented team of researchers and collaborators worldwide, our goal is to improve the quality of life for all patients.

SJTRI has recently expanded and relocated its preclinical laboratories to a 32,000 square foot, state-of-the-art new facility. The new facility is complete with four surgical suites, fixed cath labs, as well as ICU capabilities.

SJTRI is also a training center of excellence providing hands-on knowledge and experience for novel devices, instruments, and therapies. SJTRI’s Education and Training Programs Department provides all levels of design, programming support, administration, and execution of medical education and training. Through each stage of research (preclinical science, through clinical research, on through public use or practice), SJTRI provides educational components that ensure the translation is accurately and effectively carried out. This may involve bringing together local, regional, or national scientific and physician advisory boards to discuss research results and applicable outcomes follow-up; educating physicians and medical professionals on the science of new pharmaceuticals and devices and the proper usage, risks, and benefits thereof; training surgical teams on the proper use or application of a new device or technique; or providing both healthcare professional and public education events and speakers to present the latest health information on new developments and hot topics.

The staff members at SJTRI are fully dedicated to discovering innovative treatments and applying these discoveries to patients as quickly as possible. While SJTRI has made great strides in medical research, it is imperative that they receive further funding to continue with this endeavor. It is with this in mind that SJTRI requests your support. Your donation will be used to support the general operations of the SJTRI, which includes staff salaries, research supplies and materials, data analysis, and publications costs. Contributions made to SJTRI will be instrumental in advancing SJTRI’s vital and potentially life-saving research.